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Riddlesden St Mary


At Riddlesden St Mary's, we follow the Letters and Sounds Programme to teach Phonics. All the information you need can be found in our quick start guide. Please follow the link below.

This year we have spent some time working as part of the 'English Hub' which specifically focusses on developing Early Reading and Phonics. We are excited about our Phonics journey this year!


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Phonics at home:

 How to help your child with phonics at home:

Children in Reception, Y1 and Y2 are taught phonics daily, they are introduced to and explore letter sounds and tricky words in a sequential order. We follow the 'Letters and Sounds' document. The videos below will help you say the sounds correctly when supporting your child at home, including tricky words.


Phonics should always be fun and multisensory! If you ask your child to write a sound or word, try and be as creative as possible! For example, they could write it with; a stick in mud, chalk, writing in a tray of rice, writing in shaving foam, writing with coloured pens etc.


Useful Websites 

 Children are already familiar with this website, it is used in classes to support phonics practise.

Mr Thorne has lots of videos available to watch on YouTube. He teaches children different Phonics sounds with Geraldine the giraffe.

This is a useful app to support your children's blending to read words and recognition of letter sounds.


Parent Reading Sessions

Autumn 2

Nursery: Keighley Library visit- Wednesday 20th November 2019

Reception: Come back to school for a Christmas bedtime story- Tuesday 3rd December 2019

Reception: 'Stay and Sparkle', come and watch your child in action during their phonics lesson- Tuesday 10th December 2019

Year 1:

Year 2: