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Riddlesden St Mary

Year 1 Home Learning


It's Pyjamarama this Friday 1 May - and everyone's invited!

The Book Trust are having a book festival and it's all about reading stories, enjoying good books and wearing your pyjamas! 

Check out the Book Trust website and find out more about Pyjamarama by clicking here!

Thanks for joining us, we hope you enjoyed our bedtime stories!





 There's a Walrus in my Bed with Mrs Buckley... 



 Winnie's Big Bad Robot with Mrs Khan... 






The Department for Education, Letters and Sounds Phonics programme will upload a new phonics lesson every day from Monday to Friday from Monday 27 April.

*After each upload the lesson will then be available to watch at any time.

10am Reception/Year One: For children who can confidently blend and read words such as ‘fish’ ‘chat’ and ‘rain’

10.30am Year One: For children who can confidently read words such as ‘chair’, ‘stamp’, ‘snake’ and ‘heap’.

 11am Learning to Blend: For children who need extra practise in blending to read words such as ‘tap’ ‘cap’ ‘mat’ ‘pat’


 Check out the daily phonics lessons by clicking here 

Please practise your sounds and 'Tricky Words'. 

PhonicsPlay are allowing free access to phonics games. You can find the username and password on their home page.

Click here to go to PhonicsPlay

Click here to view Tricky Words.


Click here to view the Phase 3 and 5 sound mat. 

Phase 3 sounds with Mrs Buckley 

Phase 5 sounds with Mrs Buckley 

Click here to view the bomb timer to beat the clock.

Here are some games that you can play at home to help you with your 'Tricky Words', 100 high frequency words and your spellings. Please let us know if you have a go at any of the games and email Mrs Khan or Mrs Buckley. 

Tricky Word/Phoneme (sound) Spotter activity

Here is an activity that is easy to set up at home. All you need is a piece of paper and some colours! On a piece of paper write some tricky words. They can be written more than once, in different colours and in different sizes. Someone then chooses a word for you to spot. It is your job to then spot, read and circle the word they have said. Remember, the word could be there more than once so make sure you have a good look and spot them all!


This can also be done when learning different sounds. On a piece of paper, write some words that have different sounds. In the example, there are words that have the 'ay', 'ea' and 'ie' sound. Someone then selects a sound. It is your job to then spot, read and circle all the words that have that sound. You could choose a different colour for each sound. 



Magic Bag 

In your last Home Learning packs Mrs Buckley and Mrs Khan sent you a little surprise, your very own Magic Bag! We also put in a pack of pictures and words for you to use in your Magic Bag activities. 







Please practise reading and spelling the 1oo high frequency words. 

Click here to view 100 high frequency words.

Here is your Summer One spelling booklet. At home, you could set a weekly slot for when your spelling test will take place!

Click here to view Summer One spelling booklet. 

Click here to view Summer Two spelling booklet.


Here are the stories from your home learning packs. We hope you enjoy them!

Jim and the Beanstalk


No Bot - The Robot with no Bottom!