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Riddlesden St Mary

Our Autumn Term Journey

Autumn One


We have had such a wonderful learning journey in The Hive this half term. 


In Maths we have been working practically to help us read, write and count numbers up to 20. We have used so many different things to help us count such as cubes, cereal and even autumn leaves. 



We made our very own playdough then made the letter sounds we have learnt so far using the playdough. 


Can you tell what sounds we have been learning? 



We were very lucky to have Joel visit us this half term. We did lots of amazing things with him:

-We sang lots of songs whilst Joel played the guitar.

- We painted beautiful butterflies.

-We went out and picked our own apples from the school gardens and made yummy apple crumble with them. 

- We collected tomatoes that had been grown in the poly tunnel and made the most incredible tomato sauce which we used to make our own delicious pizza. 





Also this half term, one of the children said that they would love to have a picnic in the woods- so that is exactly what we did! We took Magic Monster into the woods where we had a magical picnic with yummy jam sandwiches we made ourselves and hot chocolate to keep us nice and warm whilst we listened to a story. We had to work in teams to build a den for Magic Monster and we had work together to find different objects Magic Monster needed to settle into his new home. We had lots of fun learning to play safely in the woods, listening to instructions and being a good team player. 




Autumn Two


Parliament Week 

We learnt all about voting in Parliament Week. We voted in many different ways- using a ballet box, cubes, counters and putting our hands up. We voted for our story at story time, what song to sing, what we would use in the small world and what snack we would have. We had a lot of fun and discussed how fair voting was and how we felt when our vote won or lost. 




Bonfire Night

We learnt why we celebrated Bonfire Night  how to stay safe. Using our rules to stay safe we each had the chance to have a sparkler where we drew shapes, letters and numbers in the air. The sparklers were so pretty and made a hissing and crackling sound. 


After we had been outside we came back inside and had jacket potatoes and parking whilst watching fireworks on the bid screen. We did lots of activities too! We made:

  • Skittle fireworks.
  • Tube firework paintings.
  • Scratch paper bonfire and firework pictures.
  • Firework patterns in glitter and sand.
  • Bonfire building in the small world area.
  • Rockets using bottles. 






A trip to our local shop

We were given the mission to make 'elevenses' for Mrs Wright and other members of staff. To complete our mission, we needed ingredients so we walked to our local shop with Evie our school dog. We learnt how to walk on paths and cross roads safely. In the shop we stayed with an adult whilst finding the ingredients we needed then paid for everything at the till. We also picked a yummy snack for ourselves as a well earned treat for all our hard work- yum yum!

When we got back, we made a selection of chopped vegetables to go with a dip and some crispy buns. We learnt all about food hygiene and how to cut food safely. We then presented our food beautifully on a plate and served it to the adults in school. We made the adults very happy :-)