Useful Links

Useful Links

Riddlesden St Mary

Ramadan Mubarak and Happy Eid

Festivals are at the heart of family cultural life. We can use tradition to bind our families together and to connect our children with tradition, religion, customs and home. Learning about festivals from cultures that aren't our own is a wonderful way for children to learn about the diversity and connections in our world.

 Most festivals have things in common, such as special traditions, decorations and food and we can use these links to help us understand that we are different but also the same all around the world.

 As we are approaching Eid soon, we thought we would share some of the activities the children have done to celebrate Ramadan. 

We hope you'll enjoy these pictures of  mosque silhouettes, decorations and patterned dinner plates. 






Below are some useful websites for you to use, especially since Ramadan this year has been very different due to the Corona Virus Lockdown.  Remember to keep safe.

 Take part in the quiz about the month of Ramadan:

 Watch  BBC Newsround videos to find out all about Ramadan:

What is Ramadan? listen to Idris.

 What is Ramadan?

 What is fasting like during Ramadan?

Yousuf Islam and Children : Ramadan Moon 

           We want to wish all our families a very special                                                   

                                from all the staff at school.